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nova scotia love!

I live in the cutest town in Nova Scotia, Canada (which can look like an island with all that ocean water around us, but is firmly connected to our neighbouring province, New Brunswick). 

Along with our other neighbour province, Prince Edward Island, we are the three provinces of Canada that make up the Maritimes.  If you add in Newfoundland, we are called Atlantic Canada. 

Fun fact about Nova Scotia: we are never more than 56km from the ocean (or about 35 miles). 

Tea time at the beach? Yes please! 

snail mail!

Who doesn't love snail mail? It's so special and makes for such a wonderful treat.  Thank you to everyone that has thought of me over the years and sent me a postcard, gift, or letter. 

Tea with Jann   PO Box 1503,   Truro, NS  B2N 5V2   Canada

social tea!

Social media is such a wonderful world (for the most part), and I can't wait to connect with you and share photos and videos and feel a little closer in the big world.  

Find me @TeaWithJann on your favourite platform and say hello to me! 👋

overhead view of a white hand with pink nail polish holding a large white cup of tea. the woman is wearing pink tights.
White woman (Jann) is bent on one knee, beside a teal plush office chair, with a fluffy kitty (Gary)laying on the chair
white hand holding a clear mug full of pink tea topped with white foam. in the background is a sleeping cat (Gary)