CanadIAN Tea Companies

There are so many tea companies across Canada! I was so happy to share in my YouTube video some of the teas and tisanes that I still have in my tea cupboard.  

Here's a list of the companies we discussed from that video: 

The Tea Girl 

The Tea Brewery 

Foggy River



The Tea Practioner 

Monarch Tea Co 

Steeped Tea

Dessert by Deb


Camellia Sinensis

Tea at the Whitehouse



La Bonne Fille

Cup of Te


Angry Alpaca

Soocha Tea

Sloane Tea

World Tea House 

Hoijicha Co 

King Cole

I know I've done so many other reviews and tastings from Canadian-based tea companies, and so many more to come. Do you know of one I should try? Are you a Canadian tea company and would love to see your tea reviewed on my YouTube channel "Tea with Jann", let me know!